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Should you get a Puffco Peak Pro?

If you like using concentrates, but can’t spend 5 minutes trying to take a properly tempted dab, or you keep taking hot n hurties by accident, you might consider getting a puffco. To quote one of my coworkers, “The Puffco is about an experience”. And it really is! From the moment you put your hands on a Puffco Peak Pro you can feel the quality behind the device. Once you start dabbing out of it and feel what a 2 minute 480 degree dab feels like, or you connect up your phone and get your first “clean your device!” Notification, you can tell how much time was put into this device. All of that to be said, I love the Puffco Peak pro. Its temp settings are great, the maintenance is relatively low, it has a USB type-C charger, a great battery and its temp settings are great. 

The first thing I really want to go into is the temperature settings, because this is one of the reasons the puffco is such a great device. You can take a dab as low as 450 degrees, or as high as 585! This is a huge range, and they did that because their directing themselves towards rosin users. If you want a really flavorful dab you’re going to want to go between 450 and 500 degrees, this preserves the terpenes and sends you straight to flavor town. Alternatively, if you’re just trying to take a fat ass dab and want to be “stoney bologna” you may want to turn it up to 550-585. This is going to be entirely personal preference, and it ties us straight into the app.

The app has its benefits but unfortunately the app is really just a shortcut to the website. This isn’t puffco’s fault, but it definitely makes the app less attractive. That being said, it comes with a bunch of cool features including counting how many dabs you take, you can watch the temperature on the device increase/decrease, and you can also check your battery life. On top of that, in the app you can get notifications whenever you need to clean your device, and start the device up remotely. The app definitely isn’t essential to the device, but its definitely a worth while things to have on hand!

The last thing I have to talk up is the lengths of dabs you can take. The puffco can stay hot for way too long, it’s a fantastic feature. The longest you can set it to is 2 minutes, which is perfect for taking a big low temp dab, or dabbing with the homies and passing around the puffco. I believe this feature really pushes dabbing to a whole different experience, which I think is what my coworker meant by “The Puffco is about an experience,” they take dabbing, this seemingly complex way of smoking, and turn it into pressing a button.

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine’s and rainbows in Puffco land, the Puffco has its drawbacks. For starters, if it doesn’t come with a 3D chamber the chamber will probably break and you’ll have to upgrade to the 3D chamber. It seems to be a really common problem with the normal chamber. On top of that, you have to get the hot knife, or an alternative like Ooze’s knife attachment. It’s almost impossible to load most concentrates without one. I personally have the hot knife and I enjoy it, but you have to keep it pretty clean to maintain it’s quality.

The next one is the price tag, but it’s definitely worth the experience. For $420, you have to know you like to dab to get this device, which is already something a lot of people aren’t comfortable with. As I said, that’s an expensive experience, but it’s 100% worth it, if you like to dab. It streamlines the experiences of taking a dab, but still gives you a very similar experience, if not a better one. 

Overall, I think the peak pro is a fantastic item in Puffco’s arsenal. It comes with a long list of features that make the experience smoother and much more user friendly than traditional dabbing, and honestly way more fun. Who doesn’t like seeing how many dabs they take? I can’t wait to see else comes of this device, personally.

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