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Sweet Sensi - The best gummy on the market?

If you're on the hunt for the highest quality gummy available, and one that's legal in all 50 states, then set your sights on Sweet Sensi!

Sweet Sensi is a local brand, based around Austin Texas, that specializes in a range of live rosin products. Their offerings span from THC gummies to CBD live rosin dog treats. But today, our eyes are on their high THC gummies. Sweet Sensi takes pride in its local roots, growing all their bud indoors right here in Austin. They handle every step of the process, pressing in-house to turn that premium oil into delightful gummies. Every plant under their care benefits from incredible growers and a lot of love to make sure that they stay healthy. Not only do they handle all of this themselves, but they also created the rosin press, the process they use to extract these yummy oils! This contribution to cannabis is one that really increased the care for terpenes, especially because the flavors become way stronger in rosin forms!

One of the things I hear from some people is that gummies don’t work on them, but sweet sensi do. I personally don’t experience this, but I have heard it from a handful of pretentious stoners. It’s definitely worth keeping in mind if you don’t find that most gummies hit.

When comparing Sweet Sensi gummies to those of other brands, a couple distinctions stand out:

Purity: Sweet Sensi gummies contain 100% live rosin, which means no solvents. Everything you're consuming is derived directly from the plant. Without any chemicals in the mix, they rely solely on heat and pressure to extract from the bud. It's arguably the purest way to savor a gummy. If you want to know more about that, keep an eye out for our post next week on what rosin is!

Potency: These gummies pack a punch. Sweet Sensi's superior bud quality ensures rich terpenes and minor cannabinoids, both of which significantly contribute to the overall experience. For some perspective: 20-30mg from typical distillate gummies pales in comparison to the effect of just 14mg from Sweet Sensi gummies. The impact of rosin is profoundly different. 

For those curious about variety, these gummies come in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. They're also available in different sizes: the larger bags offer 420mg of THC, while the smaller ones provide 140mg. 

In regards to their gummies, one of my favorite things is their care for the quality of the terpenes and minor cannabinoids. Each package contains how much of THC, CBD, CBG and CBC is in each gummy. This allows you to see that for inflammation and pain the indica’s might be better due to the higher CBD, where the sativas are better for daytime partially due to the lack of CBD.

Overall, if you’re looking for a hard hitting gummy, Sweet Sensi is absolutely what you’re looking for. It’s made by people who want the best high possible, for people who want the best high possible.

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