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The Terp Pen : An on the go and at home dabbing device

Whether you’re a first-time dabber, a professional hash doer, or someone who dabs occasionally

, the Terp Pen is a great device to have on hand. Not only is it portable and durable, but it's also incredibly user-friendly. The best part? It's only $30.

The standout feature of the Terp Pen is definitely its simplicity. On one end, you've got a mouthpiece, and on the other, a ceramic coil that begins to heat the moment you draw on the device. Although I've heard of issues with other auto-draw devices, I've had none with the Terp Pen. In fact, ever since I began using it, button-style devices just haven't appealed to me in the same way.

However, every product has its pros and cons. For me, a minor drawback of the Terp Pen is its lack of USB-C charging capabilities. Nevertheless, it charges pretty quickly with its micro-b port. As for battery life, I don't have an exact measure. But with heavy use, I find myself charging it once or twice a week. The specific battery capacity isn’t online, but I've fortunately faced no issues.

In my opinion, the Terp Pen is a device suited for everyone. I personally rely on it when I'm blowing glass, traveling, or whenever I want a quick dab. It’s such a convenient device I often choose it over my Puffco Proxy. No need to scout for a dab tool, no waiting for the device to reach the desired temperature, and no unnecessary distractions in between all these tasks!

For beginners, another plus point is the efficient use of concentrates. Mastering the right temperature for dabbing is crucial. Too hot, and you risk burning your concentrate, compromising both safety and flavor. Too cold, and you end up wasting your product. With the Terp Pen, this balancing act is effortless. As it heats to the optimal temperature, all you need to do is press it against your concentrate.

A quick tip: instead of plunging the pen deep into the wax, I lightly tap the surface, drawing up just enough product. Repeating this ensures I don't overextend the coil's capacity. On the topic of maintenance, cleaning the coils is a breeze. Just immerse them in isopropyl alcohol inside a plastic bag for about 24 hours, and they'll emerge good as new!

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